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VLADIMIR CICAREVIC President of the Association (Founder & President)


2013 - Belgrade

Based on years of experience in the search for babies and today children and adults whose death was faked in Serbian maternity hospitals, we realized that it is best for all injured families to come together to find out the truth about their children's fate. We have teamed up and registered with the RNBS Association with the aim of being closer to the public and to all families in the RS as a public service that can reach absolutely every citizen who needs counseling and legal assistance. With the decision of the APR on the work authorized and signed by the Republic of Serbia, we gain legitimacy in all state institutions as the only organization dealing with Anti-baby trafficking in the territory of our country. As such, we are the only Serbian Association to receive the 2014 UN reception in New York where we have had the honor of presenting to the world officials and the international public all the adversities and hardships that have plagued our country since the end of World War II regarding the problems of baby theft. which has earned us the sympathy of world leaders in the field of (Human Traficking) human trafficking. The UN Human Rights Committee in New York has responded and scheduled a meeting as soon as possible from the maturity of our letter and application for admission within 5 working days. The services of the Association have been free since its inception, and we hope that it will remain so, since we do everything we can to make it easier for our fellow citizens. Since its inception, the association has been joined by a number of well-known and eminent individuals from the world of film, music, literature, culture and sports, who have selflessly stood side by side with families in despair over the knowledge that their child was stolen from a maternity ward. We have also been joined by top lawyers and attorneys who provide us with legal advice and guidance in order to prevent abuse of office in all relevant institutions in Serbia, as well as wonderful people who fortunately do not have problems with stolen children but feel the need to because of their moral and the code of ethics are contributing to society, helping damaged families in many spheres. The RNBS Association, which does not belong to any party, non-governmental organization, international humanitarian communities, patriotic or religious groups, is already made up of citizens from all walks of life, religions and creeds. As an organization engaged in humanitarian work, we represent and support all organizations and initiatives that combat child trafficking, human beings, domestic violence, various laws and regulations that are detrimental to babies, children and young people. And we strive to maximize our contribution in the care of our children so that they can live better, better, healthier and safer.


Yours sincerely, Vladimir Čičarević


"I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the NEWS journalist, the famous Misa Ristovic, who suddenly passed away in 2016 in a niche.

One man's tragedy is when he dies, but it is much easier for us to see what he has left behind for his readers. His brave and godly journalistic pen penned the book "Born to disappear", in which he wrote many tragedies of Serbian families who had experienced the fate of state institutions that faked the death of our babies.

The book has long been a taboo topic and no publishing house wanted to publish it and put it on shelves for sale. In his garage, several pallets stood for years wrapped in nylon, waiting to see the light of day.

When we launched the campaign "Never to have a baby stolen again" in which we petitioned for a law on stolen babies, I was invited by the river to come to his niche and he would give me all the books to bring to Belgrade and I give it to anyone who signs this petition. So it was. I went to niche with Happy TV reporters Bojan Ristivojevic and Mark Dolas, we downloaded the books and gave them to citizens in the coming weeks.

What do I remember most? Our conversation outside his house. As we were packing to head for Belgrade, he was smoking a cigarette, watching boxes being packed in a car, and I noticed that his eyes were full of tears. He sadly told me "To experience this too". He looked at me very significantly and said "Vlado, please don't give up, lest this be in vain". I promised ... never!


Even today, my eyes are mouse, noble standing before my eyes. I will not give up ! But neither do you! Let it be written, let it be spoken, let it be testified, let it hurt as much as it hurts. Someone stole our greatest treasure, the pearl for which one lives and dies. We will not hate, just let them stop and let us return ... ".


Vladimir Čičarević

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