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Udruženje RNBS objavljuje da je UO odlučio da se 14. oktobar proglasi danom nestalih beba a shodno tome biće predloženo i Vlastima RS.

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The device for biometric identification of parenthood-motherhood was patented by our young scientist Komnen Lalovic, who received the City of Belgrade Award for his patent last year.


WHO ARE WE STOLING CHILDREN? "It is impossible for 12 babies to die in Visegrad in one week"


The fingerprint forms prenatal at the seventh month of pregnancy and does not change during life. The device is intended to have two fields for simultaneous scanning of the fingerprint of the mother and child. After scanning, a unique ID record with their data is generated. Upon leaving the maternity ward, the fingerprint is taken again and compared with the birth data - explains Lalovic.


Abuse would be prevented

This way, he says, it prevents any abuse, as well as the possible replacement or theft of babies in maternity wards.

Lalovic says that the project "Safe Maternity Hospital" involves the creation of a device for fingerprinting, software development, the development of an information system, that the whole system be implemented in one maternity ward and to train the staff who would do it.


He called on the Ministry of Health to discuss this project because it cannot finance it on its own.

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How to Prevent Baby Theft in Serbia |

A dual biometric scanner patented by a young Serbian scientist could prevent the theft of babies in maternity hospitals in the future, and he does not seek compensation for this.


Device can have its own battery or can be plugged on electrical power supply. Device can have its own memory or by wireless can send encrypted scanned data.


It is a device that would scan a mother's and baby's fingerprints at birth. It contains two fields for scanning, display and memory and ensures that data is encrypted, stored on the device memory and server, and the mother is issued a pin code. When leaving the maternity ward, the mother enters this pin code, the prints are re-scanned and, if matched, an identity is guaranteed - explains Komlen Lalovic.

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Price for one baby in seria is 15.000 to 45.000 euro
In the last 10 years, more than 3000 criminal charges have been filed.
"And one is a big figure"

According to data collected by the RNBS Association in recent years from witnesses to the perpetrators of the greatest crime against the Serbian people after Jasenovac, we also received information on how much janitors in hospitals, registry offices and social work centers charge for our stolen children.

In the last 10 to 15 years, more than 3000 criminal charges for theft of babies in maternity wards have been filed with all prosecutor's offices in the RS. Today, that number has almost doubled. But Serbia has never received an epilogue in court, nor is there a final verdict on baby theft.

The Republic of Serbia is a signatory to several international UN charters that have ratified many international agreements on combating trafficking in children and human beings and are obliged to do everything in their power to prevent this crime. The UN Charter is one of the main postulates. "NO VIEW OF VIOLENCE AGAINST CHILDREN IS UNJUSTIFIED" !!!

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