About the Association - "Parents of Missing Baby Serbia"

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The activities of the Association last all year. Whenever we are able to hold a series of forums throughout Serbia. We educate young people who are preparing for the most important vocation in life, which is parenting.


Members of the Board of Directors of the RNBS Association have officially dropped their cooperation with the Ministries of Justice, Health and UP, with a view to drafting a new law (lex specialis) because they are not satisfied with it. There is no possibility of criminal prosecution or investigation in the mentioned law, and thus the offered law is automatically put into a dysfunctional state and is not applicable in cases of baby theft in Serbia.


- As in the said law offered by the RS, the entire liability is reduced to receiving material / non-pecuniary damage, ie Reparation, the amount of which should be less than 10,000 euros. It is our position that every citizen has the right to decide whether or not to take the amount offered. Money is no substitute for a stolen child! The RNBS Association does not have an official position on taking the offered compensation, but we reduce the decision to the individual desire of our members. The decision of the members is solely their personal will and private matter, which absolutely does not change the relationship.


- On the basis of a series of articles defaming the members of the Association and attempting to degrade the URNBS, we urge all citizens and members to realistically consider the facts before taking into account the presented lies and to send a letter or email in which they will and their work disagree. state all your ambiguities and remarks. The RNBS Association is bound to provide each person with a clear and comprehensive response as soon as possible!


- PATENT Dr. Komlena Lalović:


The Board of Directors of the URNBS unanimously declared that the patent of Dr. Komlen Lalovic thus far the safest form of baby protection from replacement and theft from Serbian maternity hospitals. After a year of examining and presenting by Golden MInd how and how the Patent works, we have come to the conclusion that so far this Project is what Serbia needs most. The Association and Golden Mind are in the process of raising funds for the first Pilot Project in one of the Serbian maternity hospitals.